What is $15 Uber Charge in the App?

What is $15 Uber Charge in the App? Uber has recently launched a program to appreciate its drivers. Under its “180 Days of Change” campaign, Uber will now charge customers $15 if their driver has to make an extra trip to return a lost item to them.

What is $15 Uber Charge in the App

At the moment, it is unclear if the newly introduced system will be rolled out in other countries where the lost-item service is currently free.

This system was recently implemented in Boston and Chicago, and it is set to be launched throughout the US and Canada in August and September respectively.

Uber mentioned that returning lost items often results in a considerable amount of time spent on travel without pay for their drivers. With the new system, riders will be charged a $15 fee for each item returned, and they also have the option to tip the driver.

What is the 15 Dollar Uber Fee?

If you have ever left behind your phone or wallet in an Uber, you might have been connected with the driver to resolve the issue, as that was Uber’s official policy until recently.

However, Uber has now introduced a flat fee of $15 for drivers to return lost items, which they hope will reduce the frustration and inconvenience that drivers have previously experienced with missing belongings.

There have been reports of drivers returning lost items to customers, even when they are not working, but receiving no payment or tip for their efforts. These experiences have been shared in online forums for Uber drivers, where stories of drivers receiving no money and only a packet of dried mangoes as a token of appreciation have also been shared.

Uber and its competitors, like Lyft, are not just competing for passengers, but also for drivers. Therefore, the $15 return charge is part of a larger effort by Uber to retain drivers and discourage them from switching to a competitor’s app.

What Causes Random Charges to Appear on My Uber Account?

When you add a new payment method to your Uber account or haven’t used a payment method for a while, Uber will validate it by placing a temporary authorization hold on it. This is not an actual charge, but a small amount of money known as an authorization hold, which will appear as “pending” on your account.

At the beginning of the trip, Uber may temporarily hold the authorization for the upfront fare on your payment method, which will also show as a “pending” charge. Once the ride is completed, this authorization hold will be converted into a charge for the final fare.

If your trip is canceled or the final fare is different from the upfront amount shown in the app, the authorization hold will be removed from your payment method within a few business days, depending on your bank’s policies.

If you have any concerns or questions about a specific item on your bank statement, it’s best to contact your bank directly for clarification.

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